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Public entry to the Society's grounds is from Anthony Road, on the corner of Betts St, behind West Ryde shopping centre. Our grounds have limited seating and no tables, so if you are having a picnic please consider bringing your own rugs, fold up chairs and tables. The area is mostly well grassed, and the shady spots are at a premium in summer! There is no shelter in the event of rain. We usually do run if the weather looks doubtful, but if it turns wet riding on wet seats is usually not pleasant, and it is unlikely our usual show of trains will eventuate as members don't like getting wet either! If you are having a party then a Plan B should be considered. Our entry is a ramp that makes access for strollers fairly easily, however, access to the elevated railway is by steps and bridge over our ground level tracks. Toilets are available at the clubhouse, as is a kiosk that sells, cakes, chips, ice creams and drinks. These pictures give some idea of the pleasant grounds.

It's a busy May running day. The train is about to enter the inner main platform which is just under the bridge ahead. There is a fair queue for the train rides! The clubhouse and kiosk is in the background. This view is looking south toward the entrance which is well beyond the clubhouse.
This view is at about the middle of the grounds looking north with the club house in the background. The shady spot under the Alder tree is very popular in summer.
There's that green engine again! The train on the right is getting ready to depart our inner main platform, while the train on the left is loading passengers at the outer main platform. The overhead bridge seems to be a good vantage point! The elevated railway station is further up the grounds.
This is the view you see as you look north as you enter the grounds over our ramped entry bridge. The clubhouse is just visible behind the trees on the right. Judging by the green grass, there must have been some recent rain!

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