The trains that are run on the Society's tracks are owned by the members. Many have been built by the members over many years and and are a faithful reproduction of the fullsize. The Society's members come from a wide range of occupations which brings expertise to the Society in these areas. However a common interest in engineering in general and miniature live steam railways in particular gives the Society a common focus. Members voluntarily give of their time to help build and operate the facilities for the enjoyment of all. This includes members' wives, children, relatives and friends who staff our kiosk and are invaluable in the operation of our trains. Over the years the Society has been extensively involved in supporting charities which benefit children and is continuing with a charity day each year. As the Society is non profit all other funds are used to meet expenses and improve the facilities.

Membership of the Society is available to those over 18. Full membership is subject to acceptance at a meeting of the Society after 12 months. The Society encourages active participation of members in its activities as a means of furthering the aims of the Society. A condition of new membership is completion of a "Prohibited Persons Declaration". Details on this can be found at the NSW Communities and Justice: Child Wellbeing and Protection Laws

Please contact the Secretary (details on the contact page) for further information or download our Information for Prospective Members or seek out the Secretary during the running days at our grounds. Alternatively, we are usually available at the grounds on Saturdays and would welcome a visit, or you could try and give us a ring (Saturdays only) on 9874 8696.

Information for Prospective Members [32.5KB]

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