SLSLS 50th Anniversary Book - Addenda & Errata

In the best traditions of maintaining historical accuracy, the following details have come to light following the publishing of the anniversary book.

  1. My apologies for the incorrect spelling of Courtenay (page 30, photo caption) and Jeff Sorensen (page 41, photo caption);
  2. Newsletter Editor, page 38. Ian Sommerville was 1966 to 1967. Ian undertook the newsletter as an extension of his secretarial duties;
  3. Convention Listing (page 21), the 1981 convention was held by SSME at Luddenham, not ILS as shown;
  4. Photo captions page 6 & 13. The 35 class in these photos was owned by Bob Clark, not Ross Style;
  5. Locomotive Listing, page 42, the same 35 class was later owned by Barry Tulloch;
  6. Locomotive Listing, page 44, add 5 inch gauge Sydney Tram 0-4-0T built by Barry Tulloch circa 1960. (This is now in the Powerhouse Museum);
  7. Locomotive Listing, page 43, add 3 1/2 inch gauge 4-6-2 Hielan Lassie (Jeffrey Dubois) built by Reg Wood circa 1960;
  8. Locomotive Listing. page 44, add 5 inch gauge 4-6-2 Pacific built by Keith Gapes 1973;
  9. Page 40, Ted Herbert 'Ceased' date should be 1962;
  10. Track layouts, page 17. The track from the unloader to the ground level roundhouse and on to the track itself at first went through the turntable. There was an additional connection near the unloader that ran near the fence line into a tin covered carriage shed, in the days long before the current shed was built. This refers to the second & third diagrams;
  11. Ian Sommerville was newsletter editor during 1966 & 1967 and for a while newsletters were issued monthly. The difficulty of keeping up with a schedule like this soon took its toll and it wasn't until late 1969 that Stan Childs took up the reins. They then appeared on & off until mid 1971. Finally in February 1973, a new look newsletter with the 35 class logo appeared reasonably regularly on a 2, 3 or 4 month basis (depending on what news was offering) edited by Reg Wood. Reg capably produced a high quality chatty news sheet. This was taken on by John Lyons from the January 1977 issue and from this time the regular 3 monthly arrangement was set with newsletters in February, May, August and November;
  12. Probably the biggest omission in the book is acknowledgement of our later boiler inspectors. The boiler inspectors are appointed by virtue of their skills and knowledge and provide a year in, year out service without which we would slowly grind to a halt. To the best that I have been able to determine, the periods that our boiler inspectors have been active are shown below. It is fairly apparant though that Jim Hyde, George Farkas and Brian Kilgour were actively participating (officially as witnesses) for quite considerable periods prior to the listed dates.
    • Cec Gunning 1948 to 1988;
    • Cec Mackellar1948 to 1973;
    • Stan Childs 1967 to 1984;
    • Jim Hyde 1981 to 1996;
    • George Farkas 1985 to 1994;
    • Brian Kilgour 1995 to Current;
    • Bernie Courtenay 1996 to Current;
    • Barry Potter 1996 to Current;
    • Ken Baker 1998 to Current.
    • David Thomas 2008 to Current.
    • Andrew Allison 2011 to Current.
50 Years of the Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society

Thanks to Barry Glover and Barry Tulloch for some of these additional details.

If you have any other snippets of historical detail, please email to

Warwick Allison

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