Please note that alcohol is not permitted in the grounds. Train passengers are required to wear fully enclosed footwear, keep their feet on the footboards, sit up straight, do not lean over and follow directions given in the interest of safety whilst riding. Use of video cameras on moving trains is not permitted. Intending passengers should consider the small gauge of the railway and not carry babies in arms, ride backwards, or across two carriages or with a medical condition that affects balance, or otherwise do any thing that may cause instability to the train. BBQs are not permitted to be used during the running day afternoon.

Be aware that steam engines are hot, emit smoke and steam and sometimes cinders. This is an integral part of the attraction of this type of motive power. It might be best if you don't wear your best white shirt!

We require train passengers to wear fully enclosed footwear. Please don't be disappointed! Appropriate footwear reduces the risk of injury!

Checklist for a fun, safe day

  • Ensure you wear fully enclosed footwear if you intend to ride on the trains
  • When riding do not lean over
  • Do not bring any alcohol into the grounds
  • Feel free to bring your camera, but do not use it while riding the trains
  • While on the trains, do not carry babies in your arms
  • Do not ride backwards on the trains
  • Do not ride across two carriages
  • Ensure that your children are always supervised by a responsible adult
  • If you have a medical condition that affects balance, do not ride on the trains
  • Be aware that there will be smoke, steam and cinders emitted from the trains; and dress appropriately.
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