Our Elevated Railway

The Society operates three tracks. An elevated track of approximately 400m in length caters for 2-1/2 inch, 3-1/2 inch and 5 inch gauges. The track is constructed of steel bar welded to steel sleepers. Plastic sleepers are screwed to the steel sleepers to provide a superior ride and reduce noise. Expansion joints are provided. The minimum radius is 29 ft and there is no gauge widening. Maximum grade is 1 in 60. The track is supported by concrete beams which are mounted on concrete posts. Currently, as a long term project, the concrete beams are being renewed with concrete piers and channels with new rails. An anti-tip rail is provided along all the passenger carrying part of the railway. Rolling stock is of the straddle type and consequently the elevated railway features swing beam style stub points. These are of fabricated steel construction and lock into position.

A 10 lever NSW Railways style 'G' ground frame is installed to operate some of these points and the signals. The frame is fully interlocked with direct acting tappets and controls 2 wire pulled lower quadrant main line signals, one fitted with a reverser, another with a bracketed dead end arm, 2 dwarf shunting signals and a lower quadrant shunting signal. A GRS 'Relph' disc signal (solenoid operated) is provided and is also worked electrically from the lever frame. Both the Relph disc and the lower quadrant reverser fitted signal return to stop when the train passes (unless the closing lever has been pulled). The stub points are worked by channel iron drives supported in 'A' frames and utilising various accomodating and adjusting cranks. All this is ex-railway mechanical equipment although some special cranks have had to be made. Two channel iron runs are provided for each set of points, one for the points themselves, and a second to operate the facing point lock.

Trains can be of a single car or (more typically) up to 6 cars long. All trains longer than a single car are under the control of a guard who travels at the rear of the train. Locomotives are allocated depending on the hauling task. This means that some trains may be double or triple headed. Occasionally you may find your train is banked in the rear! The station for this railway is situated at the Park Avenue end of the grounds which is the opposite end to the public entry.

Loading Gauges

  • Minimum rail height to ground 250mm (10 inches)
  • Inside Width of Footboards at track height 350mm (14 inches)
  • Maximum Width Over Footboards 600mm (24 inches)
  • For steam raising the elevated railway locomotive depot is supplied with compressed air using AALS standard Ryco Style 900 type air fittings, & 12v dc outlets. A single 240v ac outlet is also available.
This is a view of some of the elevated railway signalling equipment taken before the new elevated station was constructed.

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